Gold Hallmarking Software - As per B.I.S standards

Dear Hallmarker,

        SyllogicSolutions is proud to announce the latest version of our popular Gold Hallmarking Software - Hallmarking.Biz. We have added many new features and updates to Hallmarking.Biz. Most importantly, we developed these features keeping in mind the requirements of new users.

A preview of features,

  • Document the complete Gold Hallmarking process
  • Complies with B.I.S Gold Hallmarking standards
  • Generate Reports as required by BIS - Bimonthly Reports
  • Hallmarking Process Time Tracking
  • Invoice creation and printing - Sample and Piece based
  • Job cards and Assay job cards with secret bar code
  • Data portability - Export and Import data into MS-Excel
  • Data security - Runs even if primary hard drive crashes
  • Prevent Employees from unapproved handling of gold
  • Boss and Employee mode with password lock
  • Credit and outstanding status report
  • Employee work timings report
  • Jewel reception, Hallmarking, billing to delivery, an All-in-one solution
  • Eliminate time wasting paper works and keeps your clients happy
  • Our products are recommended by Hallmarking consultants for its out-standing features

As a young and growing company, we have committed ourselves to serve our clients in a best possible manner.

  • Online Support- Live support over internet for critical situations
  • Telephone Support - Our tech specialists will assist over phone
  • On-site Support - Clients can request our technical adviser to be present on site.

We have also attached a Technical Guide, which explains the software features in detail, If you require any customized operation to be added in the software, we will add them too.

Thanking your interest in Syllogic Solutions,

Mohan Prabhu
Solutions Architect
M: 99947 19795
Ph: 0422 4369703

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